Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Chocolate Covered Cherries Martini

Whose ready for a cocktail this week? I am, I am!  One of my stores suggested this to me recently so I had to try it. It is delicious - originally as a shot but I converted it to a Martini for my upcoming FAVORITE holiday Valentine's Day. 

What you need: 
 Tequila Rose 1 ounce
    Any Chocolate Liquor (I like Godiva Chocolate Liquor)  .75 ounces
Grenadine  .25 ounces

To give the full effect layer your martini this way: 
First pour the grenadine and a place cherry at the bottom of the martini glass
Mix the Tequila Rose & Chocolate Liquor in Martini Shaker Then layer on top of Grenadine

If you want to get fancy you can also swirl chocolate syrup around the glass. 

Enjoy & Drink Responsibly! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday: Life Begins

This year is full of some exciting and scary changes all in the same. Andy and I are currently looking to purchase our first house and our wedding is creeping up quickly in August. It'll be a great year, and I can't wait to see what the future holds just until then, it's time to let go of the worrying and what if's and just live.

Have a great Wednesday! ;) 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What to Wear: Interview

What to Wear: Interview

Getting an interview is just half the battle these days trying to land your first job, or continue on in your career.  When it comes to I-Day putting together the perfect outfit can almost make or break if you will move on to the next or final steps in the interview process. You don't HAVE to do a cookie cutter outfit every time, even though employers want to see how presentable you may look, you want to be able to put together a few key looks that fit your personality and the position you are interviewing for along without breaking the bank as you get through the process.  My longest interview process was four in person interviews, while the shortest was two.  They vary industry to industry and business to business. 

 Here are some personalized looks that I feel some people could get away with in the second or third interviews without taking away your professionalism. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

Still Running

I have to admit I am really impressed with my dedication to running over this last week. Surprisingly I stuck to my work-out plan that I mentioned last week - and ran each day. Some days were easier then others but I'm glad I got through it. Now onto week two!

Here is my current Workout Playlist:

1. Don't Stop the Party - Pitbull

2.  If I Lose Myself - OneRepublic

3. Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown

4.  Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj

5.  2 Reasons - Trey Songz (feat T.I)

6.  22 - Taylor Swift

7.  Daylight - Maroon 5

8.  Your Body - Christina Aquilera

9.  My Life - 50 Cent (feat Eminem & Adam Levine)

10.  Red- Taylor Swift

11.  C'Mon-  Ke$ha

12. Scream & Shout - Will.I.Am (feat. Britney Spears)

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dogs Know Best

Being the animal lover that I am and true believer that dogs can sense something us humans cannot. Lincoln typically likes most people, and to be honest if there was a burglar trying to rob our house, I'm not sure he would bite them or lick them.

However, on a few rare occasions Lincoln has gotten strange around people typically people we ourselves don't know that well or don't want to welcome into our home either (you know nosy neighbors etc.)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For Her

Valentines Gift Ideas: For Her

Valentine's Day is less than a month away! I have to say I'm probably one of those weird people that has always LOVED Valentine's Day. Something about it makes me happy, and I'm extremely lucky to have such a loving finance' that somehow always has known how to make it the day so special. Here are some of my favorite item's right now that would make a perfect Valentine's Gift.  Oh and they are PINK! <3

Kate Spade Bow Belt $68 

Kate Spade Pyramid Bangle $88

Tory Burch Tiny Jewelry Case  $85

J Crew Cashmere Collection Boyfriend Cardigan $140

Coach Poppy Flower Perfume $85 (This smells AMAZING) 

MAC Lipstick in Candy $15

Kate Spade Ballerina Flat $198


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For Him

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

I think my favorite part of Valentine's Day is about spoiling my significant other. Andy is so easy to spoil as he NEVER wants to splurge on himself so I always find a million things I would LOVE to give him. Recently my polka dot obsession has rubbed off on him and every time he see's someone wearing a polka dot tie he points it out. I love this one by D & G.  This past week my one of my co-workers donned this Burberry Button Up with a sweater and suit coat and I loved it! Andy actually has this - it smells amazing.  I love how masculine this is - while Andy really liked the simplicity of this.  I think guys have started to forget how to do this the old fashion way. 

What are you getting your significant other or do you get gifts for your girlfriends? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

6 Week Challenge

This past week I got signed up through work to run a 5k in March in Orlando. To me a 5k isn't much, but i'll be honest my commitment to working out has been lacking. So today was my first day in what I hope is my next 6 weeks of trying to get in enough shape to run the 5k without embarrassing myself horribly.  I'm actually excited as I've been wanting to really focus on my workout routine - or lack their of and think it's about time I use my gym membership. 

I'm using this work out as a guide. I already know I can run the 3.1 miles but I'd like to do it within a descent time. 

Today I actually walk/ran for 35 minutes and ended at a total of 2.5 miles. I walked more then I ran (clearly) but it's day 1 after-all. Tomorrow I am suppose to walk 30 minutes but I'm going to aim to run/walk in intervals and hit the 3.1 miles. Since my run is on March 5th I'm going to take out the first week of this and just do the last 6 weeks which means I just run farther this Saturday. 

Wish me luck! 


Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Reading

Finally. He's Ready.

Want to dress up your fingers? Easy & Fun Nail Wraps by Essie.

My current favorite "get ready" song that brings me back to my college days.

Bring on the rain - boots I'm coveting.

If you haven't already broken your New Years Resolutions but think your going to slip ... Read this.

What I wish I knew at 21.

Now that the snow has melted - incase you forgot - How to walk in high heels.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will spending my Saturday shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my best friend. I still can't decide on my colors which is a slight problem 8 months out. Eek.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Rum Chata

I am always looking for a great new cocktail to make for friends. This past week I finally had the chance to try Rum Chata. This stuff is amazing.  I tried it as a shot with fireball and it was great! Tasted almost like a oatmeal cookie. To make that shot the recipe is below or if you want to see some additional recipes check out some Rum Chata provides on their site

Rum Chata & Fireball 
.5 Ounces Rum Chata
.5 Ounces Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
=1 oz of heaven

Enjoy and Drink Responsibly! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Keep Going.

We're almost to the weekend! Just keep going - it will be here before we know it!

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Football's New IT Girl!

Katherine Webb

After last weeks Rose Bowl it was only fitting to feature new IT girl Katherine Webb. Incase you missed it the ESPN's announcer couldn't stop talking about this quarterback dating beauty that everyone watching the game instantly became obsessed with her. After all this former Miss Alabama is dating AJ McCarron a future NFL draft pick from Alabama.  

Besides how gorgeous this girl is, she also has a heart full of gold. After her twitter page went from 2,000 followers to 162k followers in just a few short hours and every media outlet in the country wanted to interview her, she still said no as she wanted to keep the media's focus on her boyfriend AJ's team win opposed to her new claim to fame. Regardless if anything we know she will be gracing the cover of SI real soon. 

Above model photo of Katherine from photographer Ryan Miles. She is wearing a similar v-neck wrap to the BCBG
 (Sale $89)  pictured the right that you can get here.  Katherine also likes simple makeup (obviously she is naturally stunning) with some big waves. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes

Did you catch the Golden Globes last night? It was pretty predictable - but I'll be honest the most exciting part about the GG's is the Red Carpet.  There were so many pretty dresses, lot's of color, nudes and your variety of black dresses. My favorites  were definitely Jennifer Lopez' nude dress with white lace. It was gorgeous and only she could pull it off. Followed up by Nichole Kidman's little black number, Jessica Alba was stunning in this coral mermaid dress, and Katherine McPhee shined with this plunging neckline. The slit is perfectly placed. 

Which were your favorites? 


Get Organized!

This weekend had amazing weather here in Michigan which is never normal this time of year. It felt like spring with mild 50 degree temperatures and it got me motivated to organize. Living with Andy's parents the few past months has been nothing glamorous. Mind you we are super glad we have and have saved so much staying here. (I actually have a savings account!) But,  being spoiled with a 900+ sq ft apartment and then moving it into one bedroom has been difficult, not to mention the stress of not knowing where half my things are between the storage unit and the basement.

So this weekend to get ready in preparation of hopeful moving news within the next few weeks I started going though all our boxes in the basement. I purchased some(more) storage tubs, and have actually tossed out a few things I should have tossed back in August when we moved here.

I also purchased these awesome storage containers from Target made by Rubbermaid. What I really liked about these is that you can use them a few different ways. Inside are these flex dividers that you can push in or pull out depending what you plan to store in them. In the small container ($5) (above) I used all 4 dividers to put my nail files, polish remover etc. I also purchased the medium container ($8) which I used to put all my nail polishes. (Note: They are both on sale in store and on-line but a $1 cheaper in store then on-line.)

What has helped you get organized, and how do you de clutter?


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thirsty Thursday!

I'm always up to try a new cocktail and being in the line of business that I am I always get to try new drinks that our vendors want us to start pushing.

At our locations we are currently featuring a drink that it is either hit or miss with people. That is the Spiced Apple.  It features Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey that either some people really like or really loathe. I personally love Washington Apple Shots which are similar but feature Crown instead of Fireball but don't mind this as a drink.

12 oz Tumbler Glass filled with ice
1 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
.75 oz DeKypers Apple Pucker
Fill remainder with Cranberry Juice
Garnish with a lime wedge

Enjoy and drink responsibly !


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hump Day!

How perfect would it be if our lives were that of our animals. Lincoln has to be one of the most spoiled dogs in the world. He is surrounded by those that love him unconditionally, he gets fed more treats then he should (yet doesn't have to worry about his waistline) and there is always someone willing and ready to play fetch with him. It must be nice.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

iPad Case Conundrum

Ipad Cases

For Christmas I got a new iPad 3 from my Dad. I was really excited because Andy and I have been sharing his for the last year and a half and while we never had an issue sharing, when I travel I would have loved to had it with me. 

 Now that I have my own and I can dress it up all girly - I want a cover that is fun but also work appropriate.  I originally purchased the Kate Spade Polka Dot iPad Case but was really disappointed in the quality of the case. The dots were blurry, and the material of the case had some wear and tear even though it was brand new from Kate Spade. So the search continues for the perfect case. 

Here are a few other favorites including some others from Kate Spade but I've actually seen those in person and liked the quality. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots of Bows.


To this point I don't think I've really shared my true love for bows. I'm obsessed.  I have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe donned with bows, I have an assortment of hair pieces with bows, and my new favorite collection is the abnormal amount of clutches I have with bow accents. I can't get enough, they draw me in and I find it's never much of a battle if I should or shouldn't get an item if it has a bow on it.  Here are some of pieces i'm currently coveting and would love to add to my "bow" collection. 

1. Kate Spade - Bow Earrings ($48) 
2. Tory Burch - Envelope Bow Crossbody (Sale $193)
3. JCrew Bow Ring ($58)
4. Forever21 Bow Belt ($4.80)
5. Merona Faux Leather Bow Gloves - Target (Sale $15)
6. Bow Booties- (Sale $180)
7. JCrew Bow Coat (Sale $260)


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fresh Start

I'm about 6 days late on my New Years Resolutions but better late than never! I have to admit I have a pretty exciting year ahead. Andy and I are looking to purchase our first house in the next few months, we're getting married in August and then have an amazing honeymoon scheduled in December to Italy.  Personally I'm looking to take a leap of faith and switch careers and maybe eventually start my own business. It will be such a life changing year and I can't wait. Here are a few New Years Resolutions I have to become a happier, healthier person in 2013.  What are yours? Did you already break one yet?

1. Eat healthier.
2. Exercise - Time to throw those excuses out the door (I just bought my wedding dress.)
3. Say "Yes" more often then No.
4. Save Money.
5. Simplify. After moving into Andy's parents house I realize I own a lot of things time to purge.
6. Schedule me time.
7. Take on a new hobby.
8. Spend more time with my girls.

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