Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Looking back at 2013 - it was been an absolute fabulous year. Andy and I got married. I started a new job. We bought a house.  We spent countless nights with friends. I traveled for fun, and for work. I made a few new friends. I finally got a big family, specifically two new brothers.

But this year hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine. I realized that some friends weren't really friends at all which was sometimes hard to deal with. My Dad had his second heart attack (luckily not fatal) but still a scary reality that life is fragile.

With that I'd like to start 2014 working on these few things to make me into a better, smarter and stronger person.

1. Get Healthier
2. Save More $
3. Say Yes More Often
4. Be Nicer
5. Ask More Questions
6. Wake Up Earlier
7. Run More 5k/10k Races
8. Get More Involved in the Community
9. Read More Books
10. Discover & Bake/Cook Recipes
11.  Keep in Touch w/  More Friends
12.  Use Social Media More Often
13.  Be More Fiscally Responsible
14.  Take More Pictures

What are your 2014 Resolutions?

Print above is from Note to Self ($18)  - Check out Sarah's blog here to see more.


Monday, December 30, 2013


Every New Year I always want to try a cleanse to detox my body of all the nastiness I force my body to eat and drink. Each year I fail at that cleanse. Last year, I got the worst Migraine after going an entire day and ended up taking pain meds and gorging on pizza. This year I'm still trying to find the "cleanse" of choice, but had been recommended by a friend to try Drought which serves up a variety of raw cold-pressed organic juices. 

Drought is found and distributed locally in Metro Detroit and has a storefront in Plymouth. After checking out their website and getting Andy on board we decided to try a few flavors before committing to their version of a cleanse which they call The Wash.  I've never tried a raw juice before and the menu is a little intimating based on the ingredients but why not?

Andy grabbed Apple, Pear and Ginger while I choose Green #1 which is Chard, Cabbage, Celery, Apple, Kale and Lemon.

We've tried them both and for people who don't typically try "juices" they were not that bad. I don't think I'd order Green #1 again but that's because it's got an extremely strong "grass" like taste. I guess you could say it's probably a little too advanced for my current "juicing" taste buds.

The Apple, Pear and Ginger wasn't bad, it leaves a tart after taste but given the right mind set something I'd encourage everyone to try.

Have you tried juicing before? If so what were your thoughts?


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Retreat

Master Bedroom Retreat

The last few months have been absolutely crazy busy. Between our wedding, searching for a new home, homecoming, weddings, work and just life I don't know where the time has gone. But I'm happy to announce this year will end on a high note with the purchase of our first house.

After 20+ house tours, we found our dream first home and can't wait to renovate and update a 1970's colonial.

While we wait until we take possession of our new humble abode in Mid January make sure to check back for design ideas and move-in tips we've heard and experience.

Above are a few items I chose for our Master Bedroom. Some of the furniture we already own like the tufted bed frame from here,  white bedding from here, and two black end tables from here, but I can't wait to incorporate some new items to our bedroom.

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