Monday, January 14, 2013

Get Organized!

This weekend had amazing weather here in Michigan which is never normal this time of year. It felt like spring with mild 50 degree temperatures and it got me motivated to organize. Living with Andy's parents the few past months has been nothing glamorous. Mind you we are super glad we have and have saved so much staying here. (I actually have a savings account!) But,  being spoiled with a 900+ sq ft apartment and then moving it into one bedroom has been difficult, not to mention the stress of not knowing where half my things are between the storage unit and the basement.

So this weekend to get ready in preparation of hopeful moving news within the next few weeks I started going though all our boxes in the basement. I purchased some(more) storage tubs, and have actually tossed out a few things I should have tossed back in August when we moved here.

I also purchased these awesome storage containers from Target made by Rubbermaid. What I really liked about these is that you can use them a few different ways. Inside are these flex dividers that you can push in or pull out depending what you plan to store in them. In the small container ($5) (above) I used all 4 dividers to put my nail files, polish remover etc. I also purchased the medium container ($8) which I used to put all my nail polishes. (Note: They are both on sale in store and on-line but a $1 cheaper in store then on-line.)

What has helped you get organized, and how do you de clutter?


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