Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots of Bows.


To this point I don't think I've really shared my true love for bows. I'm obsessed.  I have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe donned with bows, I have an assortment of hair pieces with bows, and my new favorite collection is the abnormal amount of clutches I have with bow accents. I can't get enough, they draw me in and I find it's never much of a battle if I should or shouldn't get an item if it has a bow on it.  Here are some of pieces i'm currently coveting and would love to add to my "bow" collection. 

1. Kate Spade - Bow Earrings ($48) 
2. Tory Burch - Envelope Bow Crossbody (Sale $193)
3. JCrew Bow Ring ($58)
4. Forever21 Bow Belt ($4.80)
5. Merona Faux Leather Bow Gloves - Target (Sale $15)
6. Bow Booties- (Sale $180)
7. JCrew Bow Coat (Sale $260)


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