Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fresh Start

I'm about 6 days late on my New Years Resolutions but better late than never! I have to admit I have a pretty exciting year ahead. Andy and I are looking to purchase our first house in the next few months, we're getting married in August and then have an amazing honeymoon scheduled in December to Italy.  Personally I'm looking to take a leap of faith and switch careers and maybe eventually start my own business. It will be such a life changing year and I can't wait. Here are a few New Years Resolutions I have to become a happier, healthier person in 2013.  What are yours? Did you already break one yet?

1. Eat healthier.
2. Exercise - Time to throw those excuses out the door (I just bought my wedding dress.)
3. Say "Yes" more often then No.
4. Save Money.
5. Simplify. After moving into Andy's parents house I realize I own a lot of things time to purge.
6. Schedule me time.
7. Take on a new hobby.
8. Spend more time with my girls.


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