Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the hardest tasks when planning a wedding has to be picking a bridesmaid dress.   For me it was making sure that my girls are comfortable, the dresses are long enough not to show too much skin, while also fitting in with the look and feel I want my big day to give off. I wanted to make sure my dress wasn't too expensive, but also gave off the quality the price tag noted. I also wanted to make sure my girls wouldn't be upset and dread the dress I choose. 
Being a former bridesmaid, I know that sometimes the dress choices might not a fit for the maids taste and even though you are happy to wear it, might not really want to wear it after the fact.  Here are some of the many factors I choose to picking my girls dresses. 

MATERIAL: For me I wanted something light and airy so a Chiffon number made sense as we are going to be running around an island. However, Satin and Taffeta are still great choices,  the only down fall is that Taffeta lacks the color option you might be looking for because they are more shiny then true to color. 

SHAPE: Not everyone in a bridal party is typically the same size, making sure that the dress is flattering on every girl is extremely important, it's not fair to let the girl who looks great wearing everything be the one that picks the dress. For me as a bridesmaid, I know I liked the dresses that were less fitted in the waistline so that when I was dancing, drinking and eating lots of yummy delicious food I didn't have to worry about my dress splitting open. 

FIT: Not all dresses are meant for a girl who is petite, or for someone that is bigger.  Making sure you pick a dress that doesn't cost your maids too much in additional alterations is key. Longer dresses traditionally require more alternations then short because longer dresses require extra fabric to make sure they cover someone that is 6ft tall since you can't add fabric to the bottom. That is obviously only an issue for someone like myself who is 5'3. 

Which one of the dresses above is your favorite? I'm love the Donna Morgan strapless in Peach Fuzz. 



  1. Sound like so much fun. I have been married for many many years I totally regret not having a big wedding. Enjoy the process!

  2. great guide! Congratulations on your wedding!


    Erin @


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