Friday, January 24, 2014

My Favorite: Lipgloss

My Favorite: Lipgloss

There are few things you should have at all times, a type of lip balm, lipgloss, or lipstick should be one of them. I can honestly say at one point I probably carried a minimum of five different balms, sticks and glosses. I have since minimized and on a normal day carry from 1-3.

As you can see by my picks above, I'm a HUGE C.O Bigelow fan. I worked at Bath & Body Works for six years, so that could have a lot do with it.  The Mentha Lip Shine should be a staple for any woman, and it doesn't hurt that it's got a kick of mint to freshen your breathe. Word of advice though, if you get chapped lips easily, this isn't for you. It will sting.

I tend to use a gloss if i'm going to work, or trying to bring a little additional shine to a Lipstick. If I'm just running around town, I'll use a balm, and If I'm really going out, or want to make a statement I use a Lipstick.

What are your favorite lip balms, glosses or sticks? Do you prefer one over the other?


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