Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Luck

Last week I was super excited to finally start on a new blog. When I was much younger (in my teens) I had a few blogs. I got into the whole .com, and .net having a few sites dedicated to my love for boy bands, along with my love for graphic design and even dabbled with web cams.

However, once I had my first real boyfriend the time I needed to dedicate to keeping up a blog started to lean more towards him and I lost interest.

Since then people have surpassed my talent with graphic design even through I played for hours with paint shop pro and adobe well before anyone knew what they were (at my age) and now just want to see if I can keep it up. If anything just another reason to focus my talents on something new, something exciting.

Besides my past with attempting to have a blog, I should have taken what happened while trying to upload photos for my blog last week as a sign that yet again this might not be for me. My hard drive crashed!

Five years of my life gone. Countless indesign files, adobe works, my advertising portfolio, and all my personal photos erased. I would think I should be more upset then I am, but take it as a clean slate.  It is almost refreshing minus that I don't have Adobe on my computer yet. Luckily there are great people like her who have designs people like me can snag in the meantime.

Hope for you to enjoy my following posts as I continue to add content. :)

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