Saturday, March 31, 2012

All by myself and I love it.

The last few weeks have been nothing but crazy. Late hours during the week for work, and nothing but go, go, go on the weekends. So today is my first day to just sit back and do absolutely nothing. It also helps that Andy (my other half) has a 5 hour law school seminar and I actually have the apartment all to myself to catch up on some of my favorite blogs here, here and here.

I also went out to get some new blooms for my living room. Now that the sunshine has disappeared momentarily and the cold normal spring we have been accustomed to in the previous years is back, I needed a little something to brighten up the room.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on and only 7 more days till I will officially be on my way to Nassau Island to visit the well acclaimed "Atlantis" resort. I'm going with my Dad, so its no honeymoon, but I'm excited to get out of the country and get some sun.

I found a few sandals here, here and here that would be a great addition to my suitcase so I might do a little shopping later.

Which means I probably should get up and do something. :)


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